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Thrown Into The Deep End: Our Story


That’s the scenario Danielle Gagner unexpectedly found herself in during the Fall of 2018. For the agency she had been working at (as Marketing Director) abruptly decided to exit that arm of the business to focus on other things.

This left Danielle without an employer – and the clientele she was dutifully serving (mostly in the nonprofit and charity spaces) without a marketing agency. Suddenly thrust into a dilemma, she had a weighty decision to make: Should she seek a position with a new employer… or enter uncharted waters by opening her own marketing agency?

With dozens of clients and relationships hanging in limbo, she had little time to deliberate.


Danielle took the plunge, and over the course of a single weekend, transitioned from Marketing Director to Agency Owner. In keeping with her strategy-first approach, she named the new business – our original sister company – Anchor Marketing (Marketing Anchored in Strategy). Her leap of faith turned out to be a great decision, because not only did she manage to keep things afloat as an agency owner…

…she managed to blow client expectations out of the water!

Through shrewd oversight, Danielle assembled our award-winning team, and Anchor quickly became the go-to marketing agency for many nonprofits and charities across North America.

But as our list of satisfied clients grew, and more and more referrals started to pour in, many businesses from outside the depths of the nonprofit world began inquiring after our services. Unwillingly to disappoint, we started taking on new clients in the for-profit arena.

The same foundational strengths that fueled Anchor Marketing’s success engine [ie. strategy (and as demonstrated by Danielle’s story), adaptability] translated exceptionally well to this new clientele, producing great results.

With this new growing customer base however, something had to be done…


Soon enough, the writing was on the wall: our team could no longer be anchored to one brand.

The time had officially come to expand from the sea of nonprofits + charities, to the land of for-profit businesses – with a focus on kids + family, food + beverage, tourism, and special events (our team has years of combined experience in these arenas).

While Anchor remains the captain of our nonprofits clients, Compass Marketing is now the official guide for our profit-seeking clients in search of measurable marketing results.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

We’re glad you found your way here!

Danielle Gagner

Our Pioneering Leader

Hasn't been everywhere, but it's on her list.

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Special Skills

Emboldening Leadership
Spirited Strategizing

Her Expedition:

She’s explored the marketing world for decades: through the jungles of investment marketing, across the rolling hills of a family focused agency, and into the meadows of nonprofits and charities. She continues to guide her first agency, Anchor Marketing, into its fifth year of expansive growth.

Now, Danielle leads another band of merry professionals with Compass Marketing—helping clients chart the marketing landscape she’s so thoroughly traversed.

Dennys Elali

Our Business Operations Director

Live by a compass, not a clock.

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Special Skills

Suavely Methodical
Splendidly Precise

His Journey

In the da vinci workshop of business operations, Dennys is a renaissance man. He has an ingrained talent for details, numbers, procedures and people. He is well-studied in finances and the creation of systems. For well over a decade, he’s drafted the maps and sketched the vehicles that catapult small businesses forward, while keeping their roots.

Dennys charts our decisions at Compass with masterworks of analytical acumen.

Rachel Bell

Our Marketing Director

Jet lag is for amateurs

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Special Skills

Superbly Collaborative
Lethal Versatility

Her Odyssey

She’s marched up to marketing management and looked into the eye of that beast, bringing strategy and direction to a multitude of brands. Rachel has tracked, tamed, and trained the four media beasts—social, digital, video and print. She’s even walked boldly as marketing director through the wilds of a private liberal arts university.

With Compass, Rachel slays obstacles by wielding her love of collaboration and strategy.

Joanne Yen

Our Account Director

Wanderlust is the desire to nap somewhere far away

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Special Skills

Vibrant Perspicacity
Smashing Adaptability

Her Adventure

Joanne has sought and mapped the riches of graphic design, video production, and event management. She’s discovered the lost cities of optimism and enthusiasm. She unearthed the relics of marketing expertise and has shared them with great swaths of clients. Her insights and answers would intimidate a Sphinx.

As Compass brings the world a wealth of marketing gold, Joanne solves the riddles that arise.

Jobina Bardai

Account Manager

I'm in a serious relationship with my suitcase.

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Special Skills

Spurring Enthusiasm
Resplendent Insight

Her Quest

She held court among the realm’s most well-known companies, serving as right-hand advisor to business-empire leaders and founders. She led armies (of projects), expanding business borders and conquering new territories. With an uncanny ability to anticipate client needs, courtly rumours circulate of her future-seeing premonitions.

Within the Compass domain, Jobina brings direction to both accounts and projects. She ensures strong alliances and relationships with clients.

Natalia Suarez

Digital Marketing Specialist

Exploration is the art of finding Starbucks in remote locations

— More

Special Skills

Zestfully Astute
Fervently Organized

Her Pilgrimage

Natalia passionately dons the robes of learning. She studies the tomes of entrepreneur leadership, soon to have a university degree bestowed upon her. The manuscripts of both organization and digital marketing have illuminated her. From a cloister, behind-the-scenes, she shares knowledge and encouragement that empower businesses to broaden their realms.

Natalia’s passion, contemplations and lightheartedness are a keystone for Compass.

Woojin Lee

Graphic Designer

Adventures start where plans end

— More

Special Skills

Valiant Imagination
Waggish Tenacity

His Trek

As a scholar, he was educated in the ways of business and design management. As a warrior, he’s fought on the battlefields of project management, UX/UI and graphic design. Woojin draws creative power from the vibrant world around him, and defends his clients from the monstrosity of half-hearted effort.

Woojin now fights with Compass, fearlessly leading clients into bold new territories.

Derek Nobert

Senior Copywriter & Content Strategist

Exploring is my cardio

— More

Special Skills

Zippy Originality
Puckish Determination

His Peregrination

Derek has led institutions through the marketing wastelands and established thriving entrepreneurial outposts among the dunes. He has surveyed the immense deserts of dry writing, and takes pleasure in guiding caravans of clients to wellsprings of lively language.

At Compass, Derek ensures client’s are never lost in the dunes. He helps them avoid the sandstorms altogether and set up camp by the oasis of strategic content creation.

David Strutt

Compass Representative

Adventure is dangerous, but routine is lethal

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Special Skills


His Pursuit

For over 30 years, Dave has sought the seven wonders of the sales world and discovered their secrets. He’s mastered the charming glow of the Alexandrian lighthouse. He holds a noticeable presence like the colossus of Rhodes. He has all the inviting charm of the Hanging Gardens.

Dave is a lovable addition to Compass, he connects our new clients with a world of wondrous possibilities.

Aline Medeiros

Graphic Designer

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Special Skills

Sample Skills

His Pursuit

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